Maciej Wójcik is a cardiologist with a passion for photography. Maciej Wojcik Lublin Poland

His photographic adventure started in late 80-ties with Zenit 12XP followed with Practika BC1 camera. In those years, as self-taught hobbyist he started to develop his first B&W films and for the first time discovered the magic of his own provisional bathroom darkroom equipped with basic enlarger. Over the years he upgraded to medium format camera. Therefore he bought the first second-hand Pentacon SIX and discovered square format. Finally, Hasselblad 503CW become his final choice –  hestill uses the camera nowadays.  However, as digital-camera revolution started and there was no good film scanners available at that time, he had a short adventure with digital camera. Currently he shoots film mostly in medium format and started to learn large format photography.

Maciej Wójcik is a fine art photographer based in Lublin, Poland. Both his professional career and love for photography brought him to interested places around the world. The foundation of his work is a unique combination of fine art landscape and travel photography. His works were awarded in international photo contents and competitions.